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Located in Sherbrooke in the Eastern Townships, Groupe GE has been working for over 25 years in energy management and emergency energy supply. By combining green energies with its expertise in improving the energy balance, Le Groupe GE offers a significant reduction in your energy bill. In addition, specialist in the installation of renewable energy systems, we can make your home or business an ecological and autonomous establishment. Le Groupe GE brings together the best players and the best products to obtain your satisfaction through viable and reliable energy solutions. We work for you!






At  Le Groupe GE, we sell Kohler and Cummins   generators Our facilities are fully automated, start immediately and protect your home while you are away. In the event of a breakdown, the generator will power the entire house to ensure your comfort and autonomy.

While it is true that not much can be done for tax expenditures and rather growing maintenance expenditures, it is quite the opposite for energy expenditure. Our expertise in all heating systems and our technical ease with green technologies and load management are there for your benefit.

Our installations of solar panels or thermal collectors will allow you to move towards energy autonomy. Renewable energy is plentiful; knowing how to capture it and use it wisely is a significant act of sustainable development. Our off-grid facilities allow our customers to realize their projects wherever they are.

Entrust the maintenance of your generator to experienced and certified people. The mechanical upgrade will help extend the life of your equipment and the controller software update will ensure optimal operation during outages.





Le Groupe GE in photos. See some of our achievements over time that we have achieved for our clients.



Denis Mailhot, Alexandre & Daniel

It was after a career of more than 20 years in energy management at Hydro-Sherbrooke that I decided to advance my retirement plan.

At the time, I had the audacity to leave a position that I loved, which offered me good working conditions and job stability to move forward with projects that make a real difference. . I got promoted, took it to the next level and started my business.

Visionary, passionate about the environment, ecology and green energy for a long time, I was already very aware of the importance of taking action. Sustainable development is not a fad, but rather “a way of life”. We must put efforts now to facilitate the future. The foundation of my business is based on these principles.

The GE group stands out for the quality of its service. The satisfaction of our customers is my fuel and I like to say that I change the boss to each customer. We are able to adapt to their needs according to their objectives and their reality.

Although my initial goal was not to make it a family business, my sons and I make a good team. I use each other's strengths and passions to ensure the future of the company and the development of my two sons. They came to the company in different ways. Daniel saw me invest myself and spend a lot of time having fun in my business and volunteered to support me and use his knowledge of administration. Alexandre, for his part, joined us gradually to then concentrate full time on the operations, technical and IT aspects. Their learning took place in the field. I had to change my way of doing things and work differently to adapt and make room for them. Sharing your knowledge with your sons, in all areas of the company, is not always easy. I can now focus more on business development and customer relations. Alexandre is autonomous in operations and Daniel oversees the good management and financial security of the company and that is reassuring.

I am comfortable saying that I can be away with peace of mind. My sons are trusted allies.

By founding my business, I bought myself freedom of action by sharing my passion and my values ​​with my sons and my clients.

Qui sommes-nous
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